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I'm Shawn "Mac" McFadden, a retired Army Non-commissioned Senior Leader, Supervisory Special Agent, and Change Leader. In those roles I spent several hundred hours talking and actively listening to people from all walks of life, during the best and worst of times. Those experiences have led me to the field of coaching, where I can use the 30+ years of knowledge and leadership expertise to help you achieve the most out of life, both professionally and personally. Yes, professional and personal, the two are inextricably linked. So, if how you do one thing, is how you do everything, improving on one will undoubtedly improve the other.   


I provide Executive Leadership Coaching to high-level individuals and organizations, big and small, seeking to build and/or improve a culture of high-performance. I also provide Leadership Coaching to anyone in a leader role seeking to improve their effectiveness. For those seeking to reach peak performance in their area of specialty, I provide Success (Performance) Coaching.​ 


I can help you reach the top of your mountain, and if you are already there I'll help you trigger an avalanche.


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While reflecting on my life and career, I realized there were 4 fundamental principles which applied to every situation, interaction, and relationship I experienced. I refer to these principles as the 4 Keys to Success in Life and Leadership™ and I would love to share them with you to unlock your full potential, the full potential of your team(s), and the full potential of your relationships.

Organizational Change | 4 Keys to Success in Life & Leadership

Organizational Change | 4 Keys to Success in Life & Leadership

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